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Archive | Paleo Toddler

15 of the Best Paleo Birthday Cakes on the Net (Grain & Dairy Free!)

I wanted to post a nice collection of a good variety of Paleo birthday cake recipes. Many people ask me for a good recipe that I recommend. I, personally, always use this recipe because my kids love it. However, I know not everyone likes vanilla or coconut flour or they just want more options. Let’s […]

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How to Ditch the City and Start a Farm

Well, it’s been nearly 8 months since we gave up our big city-living and moved to the backwoods of Western North Carolina. My husband and I were both raised in large cities, so raising our children the same way just felt normal. However there always was this itch and this itch just started to grow […]

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Oh My Ghee Fat Bombs

Ever since I was able to, successfully, reverse 6 cavities that I acquired postpartum, I have made sure that we continue our use of high fat products, like ghee. Ghee is butter that has been simmered over heat to remove any milk solids. Many who are lactose intolerant, or who follow strict Paleo guidelines, find […]

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All Purpose Salve

When you have little ones in the house, there seems to be an endless supply off boo-boos, bug bites, and itchy skin.  I like to keep things very simple, which is why I really love essential oils. I have, literally, traded so many products over to a very minimalistic shelf with essential oils and some other […]

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What’s Causing the Rise in ADHD?

According to a 2010 US government survey,1 1 in 10 American children now has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—a 22 percent increase from 2003. ADHD makes it hard for children to pay attention and control impulsive behavior, and an increasing number of older children, including high school students, are now being labeled as having ADHD. Adult […]

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DIY Remineralizing Tooth Powder for Kids

After many, many requests to make a kid-friendly, remineralizing toothpaste for kids, I have this kid-tested recipe ready for you all! My DIY Remineralizing Toothpaste has been a hit and I’m so glad that you all love it. However, I agree that it is not kid-friendly. It’s paste-y and chunky when you get it in your […]

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Chiropractic Adjustments Shown to Reverse Autism in Three-Year Old Girl

A recent case study reported in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research suggests that chiropractic adjustments can help reverse and prevent autism and issues related to the autism spectrum. The patient was an adopted three-year-old girl who was born at 28 weeks weighing 2 pounds, 5 ounces by a woman who had a history of prior drug […]

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