PlanetBox Lunchbox!

Cherry tomatoes with oil and vinegar dip, Medjool dates, pistachios, sliced yellow bell peppers, strawberries, and Sunbutter & jam on flourless bread!

I have never been this excited about making lunches for my 3-year-old! I usually dread having to wake up a few minutes early to pack her lunch. But with my new PlanetBox I am actually so excited about it that I make it the night before! I had another bento box that I was using but it wasn’t really practical for us. I love that the PlanetBox has smaller compartments! It forces me to be diverse in choosing the foods to put in the lunchbox.

My daughter also loves it. She was so excited today to take it to school. The first thing she said to her teacher, “Look at my new lunchbox!”.

Some great things about the lunchbox is that its stainless steel, so it will last forever and there is no harsh chemicals used in the process of making it. I would recommend anyone to get one of these cool boxes! I ordered direct from them at !

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