Homemade Comfrey Salve

One of my favorite things about my new homestead is our very own comfrey patch. Of course, you don’t need to grow your own comfrey to make a nourishing salve with it. There are several places online that you can purchase dried, organic comfrey leaves to make this simple and homemade comfrey salve.  Comfrey has been […]

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The Treasure in My Scars

We hide them behind clothes and I’m fines and thick makeup. We hide them by biting our lips and looking the other way.  By trying forget about them and pushing them deep down.  Deep inside the pit that we don’t let anyone down in.  We hide and cry and ask why we were given these ugly scars.    But […]

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Essential Oils On a Farm

One of the statements I can remember my mother saying whenever she counseled with someone about a problem in a marriage relationship was: “You have to always remember that you bought the farm!” So what does that mean? It means that in relationships, just as in farming there are cute, cuddly animals and bountiful harvests; […]

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