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Spring Clean Your Life with 40+ Homemade Recipes {it's free}!

  • Learn how to make your own green cleaning recipes for your home!
  • Get my DIY beauty recipes for making your own lotions, salves, and even toothpaste!
  • Create a chemical-free home by using simple and cheap ingredients!

5 Essential Oils You Need in Your Life

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants, fruit, seeds, roots, and bark and have powerful health benefits. They can be used for a wide array of purposes for your health, home, and homemade recipes.  Using essential oils to support your health is called aromatherapy and natural-minded, holistic people have been doing this for […]

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Natural Holiday Gift Guide

I’m partnered with some wonderful companies this season and have a wonderful list of some of my favorite product and created a Natural Holiday Gift Guide!  I’m a huge fan of supporting small businesses and many of my favorite companies provided an exclusive coupon for The Paleo Mama (Natural Homestead) readers!  I hope you enjoy […]

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60 Family Books for Advent Season

There are so many great children’s books that you can read with your children during this coming Advent season and so many treasured classics that never go out of style. I want this blog post to excite you with the possibility of sharing wonderful literature with your children this Christmas season and to give some suggestions on some classic […]

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