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Affording Paleo & Fruity Kombucha Jell-O Bites

Affording Paleo: On Any Budget

chickenI have a few guest posts out that I wanted to direct you all too. The first one is on the Paleo Parent’s blog and is about affording Paleo and making Paleo work for your budget. Included is my frugal technique of stretching 4-6 meals out of ONE CHICKEN! Please go check it out and get some great tips on affording Paleo for your budget.

Paleo Parent’s was my lifeline when I started Paleo over a year ago. They had kids and a baby and they were making Paleo work. After 30 days of eating Paleo, I, also, wrote this guest blog for them on how Paleo changed my life, helped my depression, and lowered my husband’s cholesterol so much that he is now STATIN drug-free!!!

Fruity Kombucha Jell-O Bites


My awesome and hilarious REAL LIFE friend, Summer, over at The Dirty Floor Diaries asked me post for her. I love Summer and I love her blog. It’s so real and I just want to be like, “thank you…I’m not alone in how I feel.” Summer speaks my language!

I posted on these awesome Kombucha Jell-O bites that I had recently made for my kids. My kids keep devouring them and they are so healthy! Go check out my recipe on The Dirty Floor Diaries!!

Where can I get Kombucha? You can either buy Kombucha at health food stores, or you can easily make it yourself at home!

Click here to get Kombucha cultures to make at home.


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3 Responses to Affording Paleo & Fruity Kombucha Jell-O Bites

  1. Summer Davis March 10, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    Yeeeeeah! We’re like the cheap Paleo Beeyotches!

  2. Linda Hall May 30, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    My hubby also is off his statins and his cholesterol numbers have never been better since
    going paleo!!

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