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8 Strategic Steps for Staying Out of Debt

If you have been following The Paleo Mama for a while you have probably read my blog post about how we paid off more than $27,000 of debt in just 6 months! It’s been one of my most-followed posts, and I know it’s because so many people feel buried in a pit of debt and just don’t know […]

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Top 40 Household Items for Your Emergency Storage

In my first post about the need to think about how you would feed your family for a year if some major disaster or emergency eliminated all other sources of food for your family, I mentioned that you also needed to include household supplies, medicine, personal care items and food preparation tools. Today, I want to talk […]

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Emergency Paleo Food Storage on $10 a Week

In a recent blog post we introduced you to the concept of stockpiling enough food to feed your family for a full year. We are beginning to do this ourselves, and we recommend it to you. We don’t want you to have a “Mother Hubbard Experience” of not having enough food in your cupboard so […]

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Root Cellars—5 Time-Tested Storage Ideas for Your Garden Bounty

Root cellars have been around for hundreds of years. They have one purpose—to enable long-term storage for your harvested fruits and vegetables. History tells us that native Australians were the first to preserved large amounts of yams and other produce deep in the cooling and insulation of earth. Underground storage facilities from the Iron Age […]

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Top 6 Companion Plants to Defend Your Precious Veggies From Harmful Insects

Today I welcome Sally from Garden Valley Homestead to the blog! I’m so excited to share this wonderful post she wrote on the top 6 companion plants to defend your precious veggies from harmful insects.  Everyone needs a friend, someone to look out for us, keep us safe. We’re stronger together, right? Plants need best-buddies, […]

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5 Ways to Use Comfrey

If you’re following me on Instagram you might have seen a few posts on our new 10-acre “forever farm” that we will be moving into shortly. I am truly blessed with all the healthy garden plants and trees already planted there. One of my greatest thrills is the Comfrey patch just waiting for me to use. Of […]

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